Here at Grace + Marie we're big on supporting those around us, from endangered sea-life to those affected by raging bushfires across Australia. Which is why every couple of months we will commit to donating a portion of every order towards a charity/cause that we feel needs some extra support. 



Right now NSW and QLD are in a state of emergency. Both states are in the midst of catastrophic and unprecedented conditions in what could be the most dangerous and destructive week of bushfires in Australia’s history.

Thanks to everyone that made an order during this month; we were able to donate $65 to The Salvation Army Australia Emergency & Disaster Appeal to assist those affected by the fires and the firefighters currently doing their best to fight them.


Thank you for all your orders during this month that enabled us to donate 15% of sales this month; we were able to donate $70 towards Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund and $70 towards Kangaroo Island Mayoral Relief & Recovery Bushfire Fund

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