Made for the Aries babes out there - those born between March 21 and April 19.


Burn through the Wild Peony and Jasmine scented candle to reveal a hidden Carnelian stone. Simply wash off any wax residue and it's yours to enjoy.


Carnelian stones are the creative inner child representing creativity, confidence and passion. 


Fragrance: Wild Peony & Jasmine - a stunning feminine aroma with floral peony at its heart. Fruity hints set of sensual musk and sandalwood to form a beautiful blend.


Properties that make our candles extra special:

  • They are made with natural, pure GMO free soy wax.
  • Blended with high grade Australian made fragrances that aren't tested on animals.
  • Use lead free wicks.
  • Contain the best possible crystals/stones sourced by an Australian company.
  • Has an approximate burn time of 60 hours.
  • The information card you receive with our Zodiac candles is made from recycled material.


As our stones and crystals are hand sourced they may vary in size, colour and shape. 


AU$55.00 Regular Price
AU$35.75Sale Price