Reuse & Recycle Initiative

Doing as much as we can to reduce the impact we have on the environment is a key interest at Grace & Marie. 

With that in mind we came up with the 'reuse & recycle initiative,' whereby customers can reuse their old Grace & Marie candle jars. 

It's pretty simple to use the initiative. 


When you’re done burning your favourite scent, simply return your candle jar to Grace & Marie and receive 10% a replacement candle of the same size. 

All you have to do is cover the cost of shipping the old jars to us, or arrange to drop them off, let us make you some fresh, new candles and organise either pick up or shipping.

It's a small step that we hope will go a long way over time. 

*Recycle & Reuse initiative only available on Grace & Marie jars.

As much as we'd love to be able to recycle any old candle jar, unfortunately at this stage we are only able to reuse the jars we supply/sell ourselves.