About Us

'Grace & Marie' was founded on a love for all things candle-related.


After years of searching for high quality, affordable and beautifully scented candles and not being able to find ones featuring all three qualities, I decided to embark on creating my own scented candles.  Having done so and at the urging of family and friends, I created ‘Grace + Marie’ so as to share my beautifully scented hand-poured soy candles with others seeking products of the highest quality and affordability.

Being a combination of my middle name and that of my sister and both names being a tribute to our grandparents and great-grandparents, the 'Grace + Marie’ name itself reflects the love and devotion that goes into making each candle.  

Hand-poured in Torquay, Australia, ‘Grace + Marie’ use only the finest ingredients offering a variety of fragrances, in a selection of beautiful glassware to discover and enjoy.

We also offer customised and personalised candles on large orders suitable for corporate gifts, favours and bonbonnieres. 


‘Grace + Marie’s' soy candles are hand-poured with love and precision, and all tell a different story through their scents.  


Whether it's to create a certain mood, leave a room filled with wonderful aromas or to create a calming environment, our candles aim to bring a little love, calm and light to your life.

Environmental Promise


'Grace + Marie' candles are made further unique through my passion to recycle and reuse materials: returning customers will enjoy discounts on subsequent candle purchases when they return their old Grace & Marie candle jars.  


By reusing these jars, I aim to work with my clients to contribute to global efforts to reduce the impact we humans have on the environment.

My environmental promise goes beyond reusing old jars though. I pride myself on using natural ingredients and products that are non-harmful to both the environment or animals.


Each candle is made with professional grade, GW464 soy wax (a hydrogenated soy oil that contains a soy-based additive). Not only is it natural and kosher, but it is also GMO free.


The fragrance oils I use come from Luxaroma who manufacture their oils in Australia and only package them in phthalate-free, recyclable, PET plastic bottles, in addition none of their fragrances are tested on animals.

I even make sure that the boxes we ship our products in are environmentally friendly and recyclable. 

Rather than including a bulky leaflet with candle care and safety precautions, each purchase comes with a small thank you note encouraging you to visit the website instead, this is another small step of reducing wasted paper in our environmental promise. 

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