About Us

'Grace & Marie' was founded on a love for all things candle-related.

Being a combination of my middle name and that of my sister and both names being a tribute to our grandparents and great-grandparents, the 'Grace + Marie’ name itself reflects the love and devotion that goes into making each candle.  

Hand-poured in Torquay, Australia, ‘Grace + Marie’ use only the finest ingredients offering a variety of fragrances, in a selection of beautiful glassware to discover and enjoy.

We also offer customised and personalised candles on large orders suitable for corporate gifts, favours and bonbonnieres. And for those looking for a unique present for a loved one, our gift boxes are the perfect option.


‘Grace + Marie’s' soy candles and reed diffusers are hand-poured with love and precision, and all tell a different story through their scents.  


Whether it's to create a certain mood, leave a room filled with wonderful aromas or to create a calming environment, our candles aim to bring a little love, calm and light to your life.

Read more about how Grace + Marie came about in our feature article published in the Geelong Advertiser's GT Mag. 

Hand poured soy candle

Environmental Promise
'Grace + Marie' candles are made further unique through my passion to recycle and reuse materials: when your Grace + Marie candle or diffuser is finished, simply clean out the jar and return it and you'll receive a 10% discount on a replacement candle/diffuser. 
By reusing these jars, I aim to work with my clients to contribute to global efforts to reduce the impact we humans have on the environment.

My environmental promise goes beyond reusing old jars though. I pride myself on using natural ingredients and products that are non-harmful to both the environment and animals - therefore Grace + Marie candles are a vegan product.
The wax used in each candle is a natural plant based wax that is GMO free and contains no paraffin, no unnatural additives and is vegan and kosher.

The oils come from Luxaroma, who manufacture their oils in Australia and only package them in phthalate-free, recyclable, PET plastic bottles, in addition none of their fragrances are tested on animals and are completely vegan/cruelty-free.

When products are shipped we avoid buying plastic packaging, and instead  re-cycle old bubblewrap and packaging materials that we have collected from previous parcels we have received.

fragranced soy candles
Give Back Initiative

Here at Grace + Marie we're big on supporting those around us, from endangered sea-life to those affected by raging bushfires across Australia. Which is why every couple of months we will commit to donating a portion of every order towards a charity/cause that we feel needs some extra support. 

Below you can read about the causes/charities we have supported so far.



Right now NSW and QLD are in a state of emergency. Both states are in the midst of catastrophic and unprecedented conditions in what could be the most dangerous and destructive week of bushfires in Australia’s history.


Thanks to everyone that made an order during this month; we were able to donate $65 to The Salvation Army Australia Emergency & Disaster Appeal to assist those affected by the fires and the firefighters currently doing their best to fight them.



Thank you for all your orders during this month that enabled us to donate 15% of sales this month; we were able to donate $70 towards Zoos Victoria Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund and $70 towards Kangaroo Island Mayoral Relief & Recovery Bushfire Fund



A very dear friend of mine lost their best friend last year to ovarian cancer, just before Bec passed away she organised a fundraiser for Frocktober; thanks to your purchases we were able to donate $120 to the cause to help find a cure for ovarian cancer.


Earlier this year we lost my grandma to MND; my aunty participated in the Walk to D'Feet MND fundraiser and we donated 10% of orders placed  between November 1 and 15 to the cause. Thanks to your purchases we were able to donate $115.


MARCH 2021:

This month marked the one year anniversary of my grandpa's passing; 10% of all orders received throughout March were donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Ltd in memory of him. Thank you to everyone who purchased a product, thanks to you we were able to donate $129 to the foundation. 

scented soy candle