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These lovely candles are what you would consider factory seconds, or simply seconds as we like to call them. Many of them have been made with recycled jars and therefore have minor faults such as marks on the jars or slight tears in the labels.


While these faults will not impact the burn of the candle in any way and are purely cosmetic faults I'd prefer you be able to score them at a reduced rate, rather than them being discarded.


*Please note you do not have the option to choose a jar colour, you will receive whatever is available. 


AU$39.00 Regular Price
AU$29.00Sale Price
  • As these candles have been stated to have minor faults to them (which in no way will impact the candles burn) they are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged or returned.

    • Hand poured in small batches.
    • Made with natural, pure soy wax.
    • Blended with high-grade Australian-made fragrances that aren't tested on animals.
    • Lead-free, cotton wicks.
    • Approximate burn time of 48 hours.
    • 10cm high x 8cm wide.
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